New year, memories, holidays, and annual tasks

Brothers Rick and Rob at MSU in 2017
Something we rarely see … As a result of a New Year’s task of annual photo filing, a photo of brothers Rick and Rob (both smiling) getting together. Taken at MSU in 2017, I realized it’s been almost 5 years since we’ve gotten together. So around New Year’s, I organize photos, memories, and make plans for the new year.

The great news here on the island is that I survived another holiday season of merriment, spiritual enlightenment, large quantities of alcohol, more good food than i should, and plenty of time with friends and family.

The bad news is that once again I have to tackle those holiday tasks — taking down the tree, getting ready to do taxes, and backing up many computers, cell phones. Of course I also get to split firewood, oil guns, and help around the house with Winter Cleaning. When the winds die down, I still have to wash the car and cut the grass. When the winds are high or it’s raining, I back up systems…which always leads to finding old photos which need to be consolidated.

I also have time to think of what I didn’t get done last year. For instance, while I try to talk to my twin brother a couple of times a month, as well as both sisters and both daughters, annual photo sorting and backups bring back memories and longings. Through social media like Facebook, Instagram, LInkedin, (yes, I realize I’m old fashioned by modern standards) keeps me informed of many friends life, but that includes aging, retirements, deaths, births, graduations of kids I remember babysitting…you know the drill.

So as I plan on tasks, goals, and objectives for each new year, I “pencil in” family visits into travel plans and desires. Hopefully this year the travel gods will keep medical and health difficulties at bay, money and time more manageable, less pandemics, and more reliable airline service. If all these things align, maybe we’ll get the chance to see people we care about but don’t hug enough. We knew retiring to an island in the ocean would result in in long absences, and my darling bride spent many years adjusting to only an occasional visit from her family…so I make adjustments too. Retiring to the Azores requires adjustment, and I am adjusting. But I also can prioritize visits back to the states to see friends and family. Not sure if that constitutes a News Years resolution, but we’ll see:)

So, back to the annual tasks at hand. Now which files have I already moved?

Miss you Bro.