Shh honey, the Neighbors are trying to have a baby….

“Neighbors” throughout the world is a diverse term. As a child, we had Nigerian neighbors who had never seen snow (and we’re not very good at snowball fights:)); stationed in many nations I’ve enjoyed neighbors of different cultures. learned more about them, and love many of them to this day. Here in Terceira, our neighbors and friends include cows, chickens, and donkeys.  Yes, we have great American friends who have lived the world over and have great love everywhere they go for donkeys, including the two they have here living in a field nearby.  Now they want three, and after we’ve seen baby donkeys grow, we can share their excitement as they bring in a “gentleman caller” and try to get a baby donkey.

Courting is different in the Azores!  I can attest to many of the differences from before I married a magnificent woman, so the protocols must work. So we recently “peeked in” on the couple and, like everywhere, relationships seem to be a bit of a roller coaster:)

Boy and girl donkeys close
It’s a roller coaster alright. Sometimes the happy couple seems inseparable…


Donkeys separate and one braying
Ups and downs … boy and girl donkeys at odds and one is “complaining” or “bragging?”