Happy Birthday, Azorean style

Tonight we were honored to help a relative here celebrate his 30th birthday; his wife threw a great party, he and some friends cooked chicken, we drank cervazas, and had a wonderful get-together. It felt like home and familia.

This was after spending the morning chasing yet more paperwork around town from various government agencies prior to arrival of our container with all of our property in it. You need to provide letters from the Social Security and Tax offices that say you don’t owe the government any money; you have to go to yet another office to get permission to park said container on your street to unload it, and you have to sort out if that “last leg” of the shipment from Mainland Portugal to Terceira is actually booked, even though it doesn’t appear on paper anywhere:) Life is an adventure, and we persevere. There’s many people in the world who don’t have anything to ship in the container! We are lucky, blessed, fortunate, and happy!

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