Winterizing on Terceira – no antifreeze check or jumper cables!

Insert Foggy Wind-blown rainy photo here!

No photos lately, mostly just fog, clouds, rain, high winds (23-40 knots) and visiblity barely 30 meters (a hundred yards) from the house:)

So as winter weather sets in, I’ve returned to my youth. Very Very young. Brothers and sisters and I watched the Ed Sullivan Show every Sunday on an old Black and White Zenith with two knobs and rabbit-ears antenna covered with tin foil! Now, I’m clustered into our comfortable place on Terceira (which I could not have found on a globe then!) and watching a Carol Burnett-hosted tribute to Ed. This leads me to smiles, sing-alongs, cringes about black and white TV, and fond memories of my very young family life in Ada, Michigan. Also leads to missing my dear brother and sisters:)

Remembering the Ed Sullivan Show does indeed seem like a simpler time, which kind of equates to some solationism on Terceira. the warden and I choose to watch news, debate many questions (I love my wife dearly, but she’s often wrong:)) and we can just turn off news from Europe, the US, Israel, Gaza, Germany, France, and tune in to YouTube memories. The memories, peace, and tranquility don’t last forever (neither of us are isolationists) but it does lead to fond memories, hours in front of the wood fire, and pleasant stories of our different youths.

So life here isn’t all bad, thanks to YouTube, Ed Sullivan, and many many others. We’re getting ready for winter:)