Rainy season is coming…who could say ‘no’ to this face?

After nearly a year of visits from a VERY pregnant neighborhood cat, we watched the family go from six little ones housed in a nearby abandoned building to then four and now three in our backyard/garage/kitchen by the woodstove:)

Talk about warm, friendly, family entertainment. Mommy kitty and the surviving three babies are “in the house.” Currently sleeping in the garage now, we’re trying to determine how to protect them without adopting them. And how to go about getting them fixed.

Every day used to start with watching yesterday’s evening news on Youtube. Now we start by looking out the kitchen window, watching them “play” and “train” with mommy kitty, watching them stalk through the grass, ambush each other, climb on the stone walls, patio furniture, and hide behind the air conditioner. As they get more adept at semi-domestication, they line up when the patio door slides open for food and milk (we don’t run off to the store when daddy needs Gin, but when kitties need milk or food….better fire up the car)!

As the day progresses, we “whisper” through the house “Come look at this” and “You should see what they’re doing in the backyard.” These have got to be some of the most photographed kittens on earth. They are photogenic. They pose, they are “cute.” they know the value of good marketing! The day now includes a morning “Hood Check,” not to see if they are in the ‘hood, but instead to open the car hood, check to see if any eyes are staring up from the pan below the engine block, slamming the hood to encourage immediate egress, and then checking the backyard to see if all three are accounted for before starting the car and going out…often to get more doggone cat food and milk!

I find it hard to be bitter or jealous with these guys (or gals). They’re too damn cute. Playful. Energetic. Innocent.

I know nothing is free. I know there is a price for everything. Food and milk ain’t free. I know they won’t stick around forever, and I know the Vet will charge and arm and a leg for work with is really necessary on an island overpopulated with cats. But in the meantime, imagine how much money and time we would invest in social gatherings, movies (if they had any showing here) and how much stretching exercises I’d have to do instead of kneeling or laying down for photo ops?

Best part of the infatuation with the “poor little cute kittens” is the warm squeeze of our hands was we watch them silently playing. That, in itself, and the smile on her face…that’s worth more money than the U.S. national debt:)