Images of a Springtime walk with a truly wonderful girl :)

Drawing by Nadia of Tio (Uncle) Rick and 5-year-old Nadia walking in the park after Easter dinner.
Nadia (five years old) made this drawing capturing our walk after Easter Dinner in 2022. The Sun and the Rainbow indicate it was a warm spring day. We chased ducks, raced each other on her new bike (with training wheels) and talked about a lot of things (mostly she talked and I listened). Wonderful day with family!

Some people look at a map of Terceira and ask “What is there to do on the island?” I often note that there is always a lot to do (dishes, grass, washing the car, etc.) and spending time with friends and family. For instance, past Easters we my family would gather at my sister’s house, everyone would bring several dishes (with food in them:)), my daughters would play together, we would walk after eating too much, and we would usually have an Easter egg Hunt and later, egg fights. Then we would say goodbye and often not see each other until next Easter. I really loved those Easters.

Easter this year started with an early morning shooting competition; postponed to Easter because of several postponements due to high winds and bad weather at the range. Good times, friendly competition, and great friends. Then off to a more traditional Easter, traditional for island life. We dined on soup, cod fish, ribs, and great desserts and wine. Then we walked to the garden and park, Nadia got out her new bike with training wheels, and we walked, chatted, gossiped, complained, predicted the future, and walked some more. I lamented not bringing a camera, and when we walked back to the apartment, Nadia composed this artistic masterpiece. Very perceptive, she caught my gray beard, my white hair, a duck that we chased, and many hearts to represent how much I love her. (She did also use some artistic license to draw in a six-pack abdomen like her father has… I actually sport more of a keg:))

So yes, living on the island I miss my little girls and my family. Sometimes a lot. But living in many corners of our fabulous world, I have always adapted. I often hope that my children, family, and friends know how important they are to me. But I labor continually to adapt to my current environment and enjoy memories of other times. Family and friends here make that adaptation much more enjoyable.